Friday, 13 October 2017

Jacquesson Champagne Cuvée n° 728 n.v.

One of the oldest Champagne Houses, from 1954 ownership of the Chiquet family.
So, only high quality, without shortcuts and compromise, that is the philosophy of the brothers Laurent and Jean-Hervé.
About 270,000 bottles produced, not much if you compare with the big quantities about Champagne production. Only grapes from villages classified as Premier and Grand Cru and are not practiced filtration and clarification.

Just turn the bottle and the back label shows all the information about this noble liquid.
728 is the progressive number of cuvées, according to the cellar register.
728 means harvest 2000 (68%) and vins de réserve for the rest, and blend of 36% Chardonnay, 37% Pinot Meunier and 27% Pinot Noir, with a very low dosage (5 g/l) and disgorged during the second quarter of 2004. Yes, 2004!

Intense and brilliant ancient gold, with very fine bubbles.
The nose reveals a beautiful intensity and great finesse.

The first nose is grilled, on the flavors of pastry and smoked hazelnut, then appear aromas of candied fruits - apricot and melon, lime and grapefruit. Little by little, ginger, combined with apple and pear confit, while a strong minerality completes this refined olfactory range.

All this is a prelude, as a natural consequence, to an elegant mouth, racy and surprisingly very young, with a clear and sharp acidity. A straight and tense Champagne, powerful and very smoky mineral. Finish with good length and remarkable persistence.
A Great Wine (with bubbles) and an excellent gastronomy Champagne.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Rizzi Barbaresco Nervo “Fondetta” 2004

From the historic vineyard Fondetta, practically a cru inside the Nervo cru, in Treiso village.
A clear and precise reading by the Dellapiana family about an opulent vintage and, in my opinion, not so great.

Wonderful hints of leather, violet and dried rose petals, an incisive fruit - cherry and plum - with earthy feelings and dense balsamic waves, which are corollary to a highly articulated nose.

The attack on the palate is symmetrical, developing great freshness, with accurate acid-tannic balance. Delicate spice and solid mineral vein.
Full sips, wrap-around, complex taste. Eucalyptus, licorice and mentored notes, detail a long finish and elegant persistence.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Pierre Peters Champagne Cuvée de Réserve Blanc de Blancs Brut n.v.

A propriétaire-récoltant Maison, since 6 generations, located in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, in the heart of the Côte des Blancs. The Cuvée of Réserve, Chardonnay grapes 100%, combines the clear wines of the year, with a blend of more than 15 years of reserve wines (40%).

A pale gold color, with green reflections, with conspicuous and regular effervescence, very creamy liquid.

The nose is pleasant and very fresh, composed by floral and citrus notes, followed by fresh bread, pear and apple, combined with intense minerality.

The attack on the palate is lively and straight, the aromas of citrus fruits become more clear, while a beautiful chalky minerality develops.

Tonic and good persistence finish, with tangerine and almond notes and an intense mineral recall.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Antonio Perrino Bianco Testalonga 2013

During the years, the friendship and the deepest esteem uniting me to Nino, perhaps, have conditioned me a thread and so, even though I drink continuously his wines - white and red both - happens to write with too much parsimony.
So, I would end up talking well about it, all the time, and this could awaken (unjustified) suspicions.

No problem, even this time I can only praise this Vermentino, caught in a radiant stage.

As usual, an impeccable reading of the terroir, who agrees nose with palate.
A reading of the terroir that, however, goes beyond nose and palate and comes straight to the heart.

Few elements of crystalline purity: a concentrate of iodine, salt and resin, enriched by juniper and herbs of the Nervia Valley undergrowth.
Balance and acidity give you a deep intensity and satisfying persistence.

Only a recommendation: please do not drink it cold, but tast it like a distillate, that’s the way you will appreciate.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Armin Kobler Pinot Grigio Klausner 2015

From the name of the vineyard - Klausner - only steel, ripening on the lees, without malolactic fermentation.

Classic screw cap and scents really clean and sharp, as in Armin's wines style.
However, hot alcoholic feelings are emerging. A lot of white fruit - apple and pear - that makes the pair with a clear expression of aromatic herbs and slight minerals.

In the mouth confirms completely the olfactory pass, alcoholic seal included.
The 15 degrees on the back label, have come to their best, going well beyond the limits of resistance of my palate.

Despite the freshness of acidity, it was impossible to counteract that hot rogue alcoholic invasion.