Friday, 29 April 2016

Dossi Retici Nebbia in Valle 2011

A few kilometers from Sondrio (northern Italy), Montagna in Valtellina village, there is such Credaro Bruno, frank and persevering part-time winemaker, which produces this assembled 95% Chiavennasca - so here they called Nebbiolo - with two native grapes, 3 % of Rossola and 2% of Pignola.
I met Bruno, at the latest edition of Winegrowers Wine tasting in Fornovo and already I liked it, enough to convince me to purchase a few bowls.

The nose springs small berries - raspberry, blueberry and black currant - with touches of aromatic mountain herbs and spice, within a framework of vibrant minerality.

A palate of freshing verticality, is the guarantor of the olfactory scheme, confirming the fraction of red berry fruits and giving a strong dimension of rocky minerality. Passing of time, it widens, and becomes more complex and structured. A pleasant final, on dark spice touches and saline inserts.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Château de Fosse-Sèche Saumur Blanc Arcane 2013

All that sugar residue, has left a bad taste in my mouth ...
Sorry because, after all, would not have been too bad this Chenin Blanc, organically grown.

It attacks with a clear hint of citrus, most moved on citrines tones, followed by ripe yellow fruit - peach and apricot - acacia, a drizzle of honey, yellow floral touches, by not compelling mineral profile.

The palate is soft, too soft, so that the acidity is not sufficient to counteract the sugar exuberance. The result is a drink that reflects, in part, the olfactory impressions, crushed as it is by that elevated residue, which deprives the drink of that tension, that vibrates, usually I have met in this variety.

If the Chenin missing the right degree of acidity, little remains and, in this case, this is not a moelleux wine.

So, malheureusement, monotonous bowl, which lacks momentum and balance.

Friday, 1 April 2016

VinNatur 2016 Villa Favorita | Sarego (Vc) Italy

From Saturday 9 to Monday 11 April, VinNatur - Winegrowers' Natural Association - organizes, at the Villa Favorita in Sarego (Vicenza), the 13th review of what is considered the Italian natural wine festival and which is currently meeting with all enthusiasts and consumers of wine made from natural viticulture.
Viticulture that has as its primary objective as the sustainable production and respectful of the soil, the microcosm of each vineyard and the health of those who practice agriculture, but also of those who consume the fruits.

It will be present over 150 VinNatur members, coming from 17 Italian regions and from 7 European countries.
The time of the event will be from 10 to 18 and, as usual, who wants to, can buy the wines, directly from the producers.
Particular attention to the gastronomic aspect, with typical products.

For the detailed program, see and the social pages tw and fb.