Friday, 24 February 2017

Azienda Agricola Montevertine - Montevertine 2006

It will take, of course, more time to put it down in proper English - at least acceptable and understandable - than, in fact, I was used in drying this bottle. Yes, drying it is the appropriate verb.
A bowl that was made to be ready from the first cup, moving, later, in a Rossini's crescendo.

Nose submerged by precise scents of Tuscany. Freshness and vitality, first and foremost, with the orange and black cherry attack, wild berries - red currant and raspberry - as well as rose petals and dried flowers. Just let it breathe, and here, to the fore, hints of underbrush, bay leaves and sweet spice, with echoes of tobacco and leather.

For the palate impressions, please back to the nose, because it is identical. Nothing less, much more. Extensive and intense sips, consisting of the same, sharp and confident, olfactory interpreters.

Exemplary grip, it excels for reach and remarkable persistence, with cut tobacco and a dense feel ferrous, to close a drink fully satisfying.
The usual, unmistakable class and precision, about the Martino’s wines.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Castell'In Villa Chianti Classico 2009

Another Tuscan winery, whose products are always present on my table. Wines which, once discovered, cause indissoluble bonds and you can’t do without.
Quality, in large font, from q to a.

Only Sangiovese, only large barrels for one year. Educational nose, fresh and complex. Just him, the Sangio, with rose and violet, raspberry, cherry and even the orange, an explosive spicy charge, with hints of tobacco, already marked.
What a class!

The same class which I find in mouth. Unobjectionable matter and exemplary cleanliness. So much stuff. Dark fruit, spice soaring - nutmeg and cinnamon - growing and stretching, without respite.
Balance, depth and persuasive sharpness.
Balsamic and underbrush expressions, for a really intense ending.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Marguet Champagne Grand Cru Cuvée Elements 11 n.v.

It’s the new name of what until recently was the Brut Réserve GC, with the two final digits indicating the base year, in this case 2011.
In summary, the identity card of this bowl: 66 Pinot Noir, 34 Chardonnay, only 15% of reserve wines, sparkling process in July 2012, over 3 years sur lattes, with disgorgement October 2015, zero added sulfites, dosing 2.4 grams per liter.

The Benoît’s stylistic awareness is expressed in the wines of clear and defined identity, as well as with elegance and balance.
In these circumstances, it does not escape this cuvée, which starts with a florid nose, first herbaceous - hay and wildflowers - and some oxidative touch. Later, it declines by citrus expressions - cedar and orange - dried fruit, honey and pepper, while growing increasingly, intensified, the chalky profile.

Very wide mouth, firm and fleshy, more citrus than vegetable, with a strong, but balanced acidity and an impressive mineral impact.
Sips of strong progression, with verticality never emaciated.
Long and persistent, rich balsamic sensations, with final counterpoints of craie and coffee, saffron and spicy ginger.
Coup de cœur.