Friday, 27 May 2016

Pietro Rinaldi Barbaresco San Cristoforo 2009

A more than good Barbaresco, coming from a vineyard in Neive village, the cru named San Cristoforo.

I was impressed by the management about wood, skilled and shrewd, despite the wine spent 18 months in oak barrels, of which 70% were new barrels.

It takes out his unmistakable varietal, coupled with great freshness, with precise references of violet and rose, hints of wild berries and a clear presence of eucalyptus. Just a fine olfactory inlay.

Also on the palate, it confirms perky, intact acidity, structured, having gentle and soft tannins. For the rest, completely turns, giving a chiseled mouth about spices, cocoa and coffee. It ends balsamic, discovering a faint and fleeting persistence.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Paolo Bea Arboreus 2010

This Trebbiano grape, from old vineyards, in contact with the skins for 24 days, then on the lees for a further 220, yeasts and no temperature control, has revealed in all its glory. That maceration that does not interfere and does not make the same almost all varieties grapes.

A limpid gold in the glass, communicates an hay nose, saffron and honey, citrus and dried apricot, with a mineral projection that, gradually, assumes explosive personality.

The taste is very dry and sour strong tension, with a clear and dynamic compliance with the olfactory language. Vertical sips, enticing and reassuring, cleaned up the last drop, a certain persistence, slightly tannic, with savory ferrous and dehydrated fruits implications.

Just one warning: a too low temperature could penalize it, so, treat it almost with the care you will riserved to a red.

Wonderful with pasta and beans.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Legras & Haas Champagne Rosé Brut n.v.

The family you already know it – it is a maison familiale - whose components are good récoltants, who cultivate 15 hectares of wineyard. Today it's up to the rosé, assembled, with 50 parts of Chardonnay, 25 of Pinot Meunier and 25 of Pinot Noir (PN coming from Les Riceys village, where the family has 7 hectares).

Intense and bright pink, very fluffy, but nice perlage, not cheesy, as it happens, usually, with many of the entry-level bubbles. The olfactory hatch, despite its fruitiness, is captivating, marked by elegance, with fresh notes of rose, a significant load of red fruit - cherry and strawberry, orange and lychee - and lively touch of ginger.

Streamlined and harmonious mouth, compelling freshness and strongly aligned to the olfactory dynamics, which are integrated by hints of raspberry and currant, with an explicit savory-mineral tone.

Stylish sips - never panders, a weighted dosage and spicy finish – earning greater complexity with a wonderful soupe à l'oignon.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Le Salon Du Vin de La Revue du Vin de France 10th edition | Paris

Back on time, one of the unmissable events of 2016, dedicated to the excellence of the French wine production, Champagne in the first place. This is the annual appointment, this year marks the tenth anniversary, organized by the prestigious guide, as well as a monthly magazine, La Revue du Vin de France.

The Exhibition will be held in Paris in May, on Friday 20 - from 11 to 20 - and Saturday 21 - from 11 to 19 - in the usual location, the wonderful halls of the Palais Brongniart, the old Palace of Stock Exchange, in the Place de la Bourse.

The program includes, in addition to wine tasting of 250 selected wine houses, meetings, workshops, as well as themed tastings and dedicated vertical.

For the detailed program of the event, please visit the official site.