Friday, 27 March 2015

Savart Champagne L’Ouverture Brut n.v.

Ecueil, Mountain of Reims, just here, the Savart family cultivate 4 hectares - one Chardonnay, three Pinot Noir - applying that agriculture called "rational", with some measures as banishing herbicides, decanting carried out by gravity, without fining or filtration.

L'Ouverture - Pinot Noir 100% - counts 20 thousand bottles, only steel, 18 months on the lees, dosed at 8 g / l. and represents the basic range product.

The nose has good freshness and brings immediately some characters of the Pinot Noir - strawberry, currant and raspberry - a crisp pear, citrus whiffs - red orange and tangerine - with white peppercorns and a constant mineral presence.

Despite some indecision, the taste reflects the setting olfactory, attributing most breath action to citrus tones and less to savory-mineral.

Delicate effervescence, vivacity and high drinkability, complete a sip, a whisker short, deliberately and distinctly designed for the aperò.

Monday, 16 March 2015

VinNatur 2015 Villa Favorita | Sarego (Vc) Italy

From Saturday 21 to Monday 23 March, VinNatur - Winegrowers' Natural Association - organizes, at the Villa Favorita in Sarego (Vicenza), the 12th review of what is considered the Italian natural wine festival and which is currently meeting with all enthusiasts and consumers of wine made from natural viticulture.
Viticulture that has as its primary objective as the sustainable production and respectful of the soil, the microcosm of each vineyard and the health of those who practice agriculture, but also of those who consume the fruits.

It will be present about 150 VinNatur members, coming from 17 Italian regions and from 6 European countries: France, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Portugal, Czech Republic.
The time of the event will be from 10 to 18 and, as usual, who wants to, can buy the wines, directly from the producers.
Particular attention to the gastronomic aspect, with typical handmade products.

For the detailed program, see and the social pages tw and fb.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

ViniVeri 2015 – Vino Secondo Natura XIIth edition | Cerea (Vr) Italy

On days 20, 21 and 22 March, there will be the twelfth edition of "VINIVERI: Wine According to Nature," salon wine tasting and food products from natural processes, organized by the Viniveri Consortium, in the halls of the Area Exp "The factory ", in Cerea (Verona).

This year's theme is "Towards a transparent label."
It is an opportunity to know and appreciate the work of winemakers - over 140 - from every corner of Italy and other European countries, united by a common philosophy and productive methodology, respectful of the environment and biodiversity, natural, sustainable , that goes beyond the European organic certification, namely to generate wine without the use of synthetic chemistry in the vineyard and without the use of additions and forced stabilizations in the cellar.

In addition to wines producers, there will be sixteen producers of excellent craft food. Not only taste, but possibility to buy in the adjacent Wine Shop space, being provided the opportunity to purchase, at cellar price, many of the labels in the tasting.

All infos by consulting the web site, as well as real-time updates on fb and tw.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Marcel Lapierre Morgon 2011

Thanks to Marcel Lapierre there was the relaunch, for a new life and expression, of the Gamay grape. He, in fact, was able to demonstrate that a different result was possible, compared to the "cage" in which the new Beaujolais kicked itself.

And the results are seen in the glass and you appreciate.
There is a dark ruby, concentrated, expressing freshness, sweetness of red fruit - raspberry and cherry, strawberry and red currant - with pleasant floral notes and a precise spicy dash.

The taste demonstrates full compliance with the sense of smell, with fresh and sweet treats of the red fruit. The palate, little by little, is conquered by a relentless spicy and mineral profile that never abandoned the sip.
Elegant fluency, with good persistence.

Drinking Gamay safely, not unreasonably this Lapierre’s considered the reference.

Friday, 6 March 2015

A.R. Lenoble Champagne Brut Nature Dosage Zéro n.v.

This cuvée is 40% Chardonnay, from Chouilly - Grand Cru village - 30% Pinot Noir from Bisseuil and 30% Pinot Meunier from Damery, standing thirty-six months sur lie and has disgorged one year ago.

The nose, at first, is lazy, then relaxes and modulates itself about a white fruit expression - peach, pear and a slice of grapefruit - a trace of almond, while an overflowing minerality stabbing the nostrils.

Even on the mouth has clear and overflowing chalky minerality. A relevant dorsal sour, however properly inserted and well balanced into the creaminess of the sip. The taste, straight and very intense, illustrates quite well the concept of zero dosage, without furious vehemences.

Really succeeded pairing with carpaccio of bonito and sea bass.