Friday, 4 August 2017

Slavček Rebula 2012

The Frank and Alenka’s Ribolla grape (Rebula in Slovenian language) macerates about 6-8 days, refined on the fine lees in used barriques, then one year bottle. No clarification or filtration.

Rich and complex nose: with chamomile and honey, tea and hay, ripe yellow fruit - peach, apricot and melon - and deep mineral ribs.

On the palate comes dry and exalts, growing in intensity, on field herbs and fruity expression. Structured, however calibrated and precise in keeping itself in balance.
Coherent and sapid until the end, with excellent persistence, closes gently tannic, with vigorous recalls to the typical minerality of the rocks underneath those soils.

All this, written by myself that I do not particularly like Ribolla grape and  I start being a bit tired of macerated wines, is a valid endorsement.

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